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    To all the synchro skaters !!!
 I’m pretty sure you’ve watched the ISU WSSC yesterday, and so seen the “WHY NOT SYNCHRO ?” placard. This woman inspired me…

    Never in my skater life I’ve seen someone saying out loud that synchronized skating needs its place in the Olympic Games ! I mean yeah, I signed a petition on the Internet, and put many Facebook statuses about that, but NEVER seen someone doing what she did !!

    From now, one of my teammates and I took the decision to make our own placard, and it will be bigger, so everyone can see it during the competitions !!!

    Btw, I’m asking you to rebblog this as much as possible, make your poster and bring it during the compets, and who knows ? Maybe our dream will come true…

    But for it to may happen, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

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      ok I had never heard of synchronized skating before so I looked it up. HOLY CLUSTERFUCK BATMAN this stuff is so badass...
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